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Punkt MP02 Phone

A minimalist, private phone. BNIB. Reasons: Bought because: I hate phones, but need one to exist in 2023. Trading because: I found another solution that works better for me, which is that I leave my phone at home when I go out. Brand new cost: 279 GBP. ISO: Consumables, household basics, make me an offer! Information: The Punkt. MP02 minimalist phone is built for connecting with people. It’s comfortable to hold and to use and features excellent audio quality and battery life: a voice phone that works as a phone, with up-to-the-minute styling and an interface that is elegant and efficient. The instantly-recognisable MP02 is the work of renowned product designer Jasper Morrison. It is built around effective simplicity: press the phonebook button to make a call, press the text button to send a message. For everything else, there’s a fast, lean menu system: up, down, select, go. The MP02’s minimalist operating system is hardened against attacks. Coupled with the fact that it is not designed around its owner entering sensitive personal information like bank details, private images, etc., this is a phone built for autonomy in the 21 st century. The MP02 is the first voicephone to offer a downloadable privacy feature that uses the Signal protocol to provide free, encrypted Internet-based calls and texts worldwide via Wi Fi or mobile data (subject to data charges). We believe Signal provides vastly greater security compared to the widely-used encrypted alternatives, which exist primarily as tools for harvesting and selling valuable metadata (contacts lists, who communicated with whom, when it happened, etc.). In the Signal system, all metadata is encrypted. By using the Signal-protocol, it is possible to add group messaging and voice messages to the MP02. The display is monochrome+ (black and white). Unusually, the minimalist interface is 100% text-based – no icons whatsoever. Click through in seconds: up, down, select, go.

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